Samsung, super-slim laptop design concept…possibility for ‘ATIV Book S’?


삼성 초박형 노트북 디자인 컨셉…‘아티브북S’도 나올까?   Translated by DRNNE



  While IFA show 2014 is coming up after a week, some electronic companies have been unpacking their strategic products one by one which are going to be exhibited at the IFA show. Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics is expected to introduce their brand new mobile devices such as Galaxy Note 4, Gear 3, and Gear VR at the show. In camera field, there is possibility that Samsung Electronics will show its first flagship mirrorless camera, NX1. On the other hand, there is no special news about Samsung PC and laptop. However, there is interesting pictures that raise our expectation for the new PC/laptop lineup of Samsung.


  The following laptop pictures are the laptop design ‘concepts’ that were applied for design patents this February and registered this June. The registration number of the first picture is 3007469150000 and that of the later one is 3007320910000. You can check these in KIPRIS website. The most typical feature of this concept design which can be found through the registered pictures is ‘super-thin’ design. First of all, the input terminals are arranged in the back part of laptop instead of the side part of it. According to the attached drawings, the product seems to be so thin that the product would be just a little thicker than USB input terminal. As the standard height of USB A is 4.5mm, it can be possible to design super-slim laptop thinner that 1cm.




  As registration date passed quite long time and the drawings like a real product are concluded in the open document, it is hard to expect that Samsung Electronics mass-produce the laptop applied to this design. However, we can get several hints for the next products by these concept designs. At first, leather-like upper part was applied to ATIV Book 9 Style and released this year already. Besides, we can see that Samsung Electronics has been concerning about arranging input terminals and hinge part of laptop. Also Samsung Electronics launched Galaxy Tab S lately which is applied to 10 inches high resolution AMOLED screen and made thinner and lighter. So there is much attention towards the ‘ATIV Book S’ which would be applied to leather-like upper part, input terminals arranged in back side, different hinge design, and high resolution AMOLED display.




source KIPRIS(3007469150000, 3007320910000)